How to Fix Dead HP Printer or Power Supply Errors

Sometimes your HP printer does not turn on or respond when you press the power button. You are not able to hear any noise from the printer.

Reasons due to which your HP printer has become dead:

  • There is an issue with printing or ink system.
  • Missing or outdated print drivers.
  • The printer is not working and showing a blue screen.
  • There is an issue with power supply.

Get in touch with printer experts available at HP Support Number so that resolve the issues for you.

In order to fix this issue, you can use the steps given below:

  • Resetting the power module:
  • Now disconnect the power cord from the printer.
  • Now unplug the other end of the power cord from the power source.
  • If your printer is connected to an external power supply source, then disconnect it as well.
  • After sometime reconnect the power cord to the external power block.
  • Now reconnect the other end of the power cord to the printer.
  • Also plug the power cord directly into the wall outlet.
  • Now press the power button of the printer.
  1. Check the power module and printer specifications: the printer requires a specific amount of power in order to run properly. To avoid the power issues, it is recommended to use the power module and the cord that came with your HP printer. If your printer requires an external module, the power supply provided by it should match the voltage specifications mentioned on the printer. Also, the power cord connector color and shape should match with the shape of the input port on the printer.
  2. Replacing the power module: if your printer doesn’t turn on after doing the above steps, it is possible that your power module is not working and it is better to get it replaced.

For further help regarding HP printer issues, it is better to directly talk to a technical expert. Call on the HP Printer Customer Support Number and get all your answers from the certified tech experts. They will diagnose the root cause of the issue and will then advice for the remedial solution. They are experienced in dealing with all such situations where it is not possible to turn on the printer or the printing device is creating other serious issues. Hence make a call to the tech support team and get it done.

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